Bawso is the lead organisation in Wales providing practical and emotional support to black minority ethnic (BME) and migrant victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking, Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriage. Our vision is of a future when all people in Wales are free from abuse, violence and exploitation. To achieve this vision, we have been working tirelessly for twenty-four years and to end all forms of Violence Against Women. We have supported a quarter of a million people.


Founded in 1995, we have been delivering vital and innovative services for two decades. We have maintained and grown our presence within Wales’s many ethnic minority communities. This continuity has enabled us to keep our focus on achieving our vision, while expanding our services throughout Wales. We have been continually improving our services in tune with the changing demographics of Wales, maintaining coverage over all minority communities. Many of our employees came to Bawso as survivors first, then became advocates and volunteers, and finally joined the team, bringing first-hand experience, empathy and passion. They have witnessed the organisation grow, while staying true to its core values and close to its supporter and client base. We are a grassroots organisation that is in tune with the communities we serve. They have confidence in the quality of our services, and trust us to advise and support them. Stakeholders also recognise us as a valuable voice that works for the benefit of ethnic minority communities in Wales.

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