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A visit to National Museum Cardiff

A visit to the National Museum Cardiff by Bawso Newport service users promises an enriching experience filled with cultural treasures and artistic wonders. National Museum Cardiff is located in the heart of Wales’ capital city, showcases a diverse range of exhibits, spanning art, natural history, and archaeology. Inside the museum, the collections offer something for everyone, giving all visitors some excitement.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the museum’s extensive collection of Welsh art, including works by renowned artists such as Ceri Richards and Gwen John. You can explore various art movements, from traditional to contemporary, through paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts.

For those interested in history and archaeology, the museum offers insights into Wales’ rich past. From ancient artifacts to medieval relics, you can trace the region’s cultural evolution through the ages. Highlights include the Iron Age treasures of the Llyn Cerrig Bach hoard and the Roman artifacts excavated from sites across Wales. Nature lovers will find delight in the museum’s natural history exhibits, which feature specimens from Wales and around the world. From the pictures, women were captured by some photos which resonated with their experiences.

One such photo of cows grazing in the Welsh countryside reminded service users of their home countries and their roles in looking after the cows.

Throughout the visit, the women took advantage of the museum’s ART OF THE SELFIE where they took selfies and they wanted to know more by asking the difference between the self-portraits and selfies.

Some of the photos include this beautiful mirror, a very important item in women’s lives