Refuge Project

Bawso provide secure accommodation to Black and Ethnic Minority women and children in Wales who are at risk of or suffering domestic abuse.

Refuge offers a safe breathing space where decisions can be made free from pressure and fear. Domestic Abuse Support Workers and Volunteers, ensure that we provide emotional and practical support to women in our Refuges.

We respect and celebrate diversity by working with staff and volunteers from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. Childcare workers organise activities and promote emotional support to the children in the refuge.

Our Refuge accommodation provides facilities including a prayer room and Halal / vegetarian kitchens.

Last year we supported 506 service users. Out of these, 108 service users were supported under refuge project and 398 service users were supported under IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocate) Project.


Referral Criteria

Women must be:-

  • Suffering domestic abuse
  • Over 16 year of age
  • Women's sons coming into the refuge must be under 16 years of age


"I am very grateful because I needed somewhere safe to go and Bawso gave me refuge"

-Former Bawso service user

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