BAWSO has developed partnership working to establish practical alliances that can reduce the incidence and impact of violence against people in Wales.



BAWSO opened its office in Wrexham in May 2006 following careful consideration of research findings on the needs of BME women living in North Wales entitled ‘Hidden Needs - Transparent Agenda'. From the moment the BAWSO office opened, the extent of the need became apparent. The proportion of individual cases displaying prolonged and serious violence was not anticipated and the number of referrals was almost three times what was anticipated as a high maximum. Since 2006 more than 1000 service users have been supported on different projects.

The Wrexham office was further developed into the One Stop Shop in order to meet the increasing demand for services. This provision offers exceptional opportunity to for multiple agencies to effectively respond to the needs of the ever growing number of new female immigrants, particularly those from Eastern Europe and travellers. The One Stop Shop has attended to 3142 annually since it opened its doors.

The aims of the One Stop Shop are to:

  • Make policy and service responses to difficult areas of violence against women such as trafficking, forced marriage and marital rape easier to develop and orchestrate.
  • Offer a point which statutory and other bodies can acquire insight and experience of the needs of these BME women and their communities.
  • Strengthen the vital provision of readily available translation services and provide access to specialist help in the fields of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health and psychiatric services.
  • Facilitate a more coherent assault in overcoming rural isolation, on working with schools and colleges, and establish a centre for knowledge and good practice.

IDVA Project

The focus of the Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) is to give premium service to victims who are at high risk of harm from intimate partners, ex-partners or family members, with the aim of securing their safety and the safety of their children. The primary role of the IDVA is to advice and support clients to ensure their increased safety as well as serving as a victim's primary point of contact.

IDVA's work with their clients from the point of crisis, to assess the level of risk, discuss the range of suitable options and develop safety plans. They are pro-active in implementing the plans, which address immediate safety, including practical steps to enable victims to protect themselves and their children, as well as longer-term solutions. IDVA's will Represent their clients at the Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and help implement safety plans which will include actions from the MARAC as well as sanctions and remedies available through the criminal and civil courts, housing options and services available through other organisations. IDVA's support and work over the short- to medium-term to put victims on the path to long-term safety.

The project recognises that multi-agency work is key to providing the most effective service to victims of domestic abuse and promotes a coordinated response and works to improve policies, procedures and practices of all partner agencies

BAWSO provides IDVA Services in partnership with:
• Women Safety Unit in Cardiff
• Swansea Women's Aid in Swansea
• Community Safety Partnership in Swansea


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