Children and  domestic abuse

Bawso acknowledges and recognises that children accessing our services are either victims or witnesses of domestic abuse.

We therefore provide a service that meets the individual needs of BME children.

Domestic Abuse has a negative impact on all children but through our work and research BME children need additional Support.

How domestic abuse affects children

Most children are hidden victims of domestic abuse and they can be affected in multiple ways.

  • Children can suffer from witnessing abuse
  • Children can be harmed as a result of trying to break up a fight or ward off an attack by the abuse 
  • Children can pick up on the fear, anxiety and trauma of the person being abused and can also pick up on the aggressive vibes from the perpetrator of violence
  • Childre living in a home with domestic violence are at a far greater risk of suffering child abuse directly. 
  • Children can be used to manipulate one partner against the other, both while still living together and once the victim of abuse has left.
  • Children are frequently used to threaten the victim to ensure they stay or submit to further abuse e.g. threats such as the abuser will harm or kill the children, report the mother to Social Services, or gain custody of the children.


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