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What is Bawso doing?

In Wales, Bawso is connecting communities in (diaspora) with the Kenyan communities, Somali and Sudan and is reaching out to Ethiopia to create a repository of learning and sharing experiences. This is a learning programme that brings together women and girls in Wales to have candid conversations on gender-based violence both in Wales and Africa and look for community-based solutions to addressing violence against women and girls. The learning also includes creating awareness on the issues, culture, religion that in most cases is used to control and abuse women and girls.

We are also working with young people to be able to identify abusive relationships, relationships where partners use coercive control against them, encouraging young women to speak to someone and not keep quiet.

We encourage young people to challenge cultures that are retrogressive and work against their human rights.

Culture has been used by communities for centuries to control women’s bodies and continue to subject women to forms of violence. Borrowing a quote from Malal Yousafzai on the excuse of using culture, she said that “we should not be followers of traditions that go against human rights, we are human beings, and we make traditions.”

Bawso continues to work with the FGM clinic based at Cardiff infirmary to ensure that victims of FGM can receive vital services, psychosocial support and additional support as identified by survivors. Bawso was instrumental in lobbying the Welsh Government to open an FGM clinic in Cardiff to offer restorative surgery to women who needed it. Before that (2018), women were travelling to Bristol to access treatment from FGM clinic. This is one of the milestones by Bawso in spearheading the rights of women victims of FGM among other support that we provide to individuals and their families.

Bawso delivers trainings on FGM to statutory agencies and charities on the different types of FGM, how to identify women and girls at risk of FGM or those living with FGM and how to support them.

The objectives of the training are to enable learners to:

  • Understand and define Female Genital Mutilation
  • To identify the different types of FGM
  • To recognise the long/short term health implications
  • To look at the motives behind FGM
  • Understand how to support victims of FGM
  • To look at the FGM Law (1985/2003/2015)
  • To understand the mandatory reporting duty and what it means to practitioners

For more information on our other work, please check our services page.

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