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Women's Empowerment

This project helps to improve the employment outcomes and prospects for long-term unemployed individuals and groups facing the most complex and intractable barriers to work. The project helps individuals access opportunities and / or re-integrate into the labour market.   

The project works with BME people who are victims or at risk of domestic abuse by providing the following support: 

  • Identify language and cultural barriers to prevent future abuse within their families  
  • Make new claim to Universal Credit where they are not already in receipt or report a change of circumstances for housing costs  
  • Carry out benefit review to ensure full entitlement  
  • Budgeting skills  
  • Enable them to understand how to seek future help and opportunities to live independently  
  • Develop confidence and trust in partner organisations  
  • Provide tailored support to reflect their language needs, and build motivation and confidence  
  • Support them to understand and address perceived barriers to learning, volunteering and employment
  • Support them to recognise existing / transferrable skills  
  • Support them to develop close working relationships with DWP work coaches  
  • Practical support to overcome personal barriers  
  • To develop an action plan looking at education and training to move closer to or into work 
  • To raise awareness of childcare available to support education, training and work