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Service User Wellbeing Project

Mental Health & Wellbeing Sessions

Funded by the WCVA to address mental wellbeing amongst our service users in both the refuges and the community during the pandemic. During the Covid 19 pandemic it was identified that service users faced isolation which increased anxiety and depression.

The sessions are currently delivered digitally, they have positively impacted the lives of the women participating in the programme. The project aims to do the following:

  • Develop self-recognition and expression skills of the individuals, the individual’s ability to determine her/his own goals
  • Empowering the individuals to express themselves and helping them gaining communication skills, developing their decision-making skills, ensuring continuous development by activating creativity and courage, building and improving resilience skills
  • Guiding the formation of self-confidence and self-compassion
  • Coping and dealing with post traumatic experiences
  • Finding yourself; a process to self-discovery
  • Making sense of your new environment and community
  • Creating and making a new home
  • Managing expectations

The success of the programme has highlighted the need for continued Mental Wellbeing Programmes within Bawso. The programme has empowered our service users and equipped them with transferable skills which can be used in their day to day lives. Empowering our service users is one of our core values and play an integral role in our service delivery.

Our service users have participated in several consultations with various organisations. This has also empowered our service users as this has given them a voice, a chance to be heard and their opinions will help shape future VAWDASV policies across Wales.