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Refuges and Safehouses

Bawso provides purpose built refuge accommodation for BME women and children fleeing Domestic Abuse and other forms of Violence Against Women.

Bawso currently runs 5 purpose built refuges and 2 safe houses across Wales. This provision is funded by the Housing Support Grant. Our Refuges and safe houses provide a safe space for service users to reflect and make decisions about their future. All service users have a key worker allocated to them to work closely with them in meeting their agreed support needs. The specialist refuges take account of cultural, religious and language needs.

Our accommodation based support includes the following:

  • Provision of prayer / quiet room for service users to practice their religion / belief
  • Separate kitchen space to accommodate various dietary needs i.e. Halal, Kosha, Vegetarian, Vegan 
  • Individualised needs based support and assistance with:
  • Risk assessment, risk management and safeguarding
  • Maximising income, accessing benefits and dealing with debts
  • The criminal justice system, divorce and obtaining civil injunctions
  • Immigration, child contact and other legal issues
  • Accessing health services
  • Move on accommodation and resettlement support
  • Personal development training opportunities
  • Counselling, therapeutic group sessions
  • Accessing domestic abuse awareness sessions with the ultimate aim of prevention of revictimisation