North Wales Youth Development Project


This project works with young BME women 11-21 years of age who have suffered or witnessed violence against women by offering them a safe place to meet and deal with the trauma that they have encountered in their lives and map out a plan to move on.

It aims to build their confidence and self esteem through one to one and group sessions depending on the individual need. The young people take part in art and crafts painting and relaxation techniques. The also take part in sporting events, fun activities as well as trips to places of interest where they bond and relate to each other.

The young people also have a chance to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh scheme up to Gold award. So far two girls have attained Bronze awards and one young person visited Buckingham Palace to receive her Gold award!

Confidence building and assertiveness sessions are provided for the young people as part of their recovery process. This has resulted in their active participation in discussions of issues that affect them.

For more information, contact our Wrexham office


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