Childcare Project

The majority of women who use our services have large families with most of the children under school age. When children come into the refuge they may have left their friends and relatives behind and may also have been subjected to abuse.

We therefore provide a service that meets the individual needs of BME children.

Domestic Abuse has a negative impact on all children but through our work and research BME children need additional Support.

We have child care support workers who do a variety of work with the children, both individually and in groups. We also work closely with schools, Social Services, Health Services and other children's organisations.

The main aim of BAWSO's childcare project is to meet Cultural, Social, Practical, educational and Religious needs of the children

Specific aims:
• To sustain the natural social and emotional development of children and young people.
• To enable children and young people to deal with the effects of domestic abuse.
• To empower women to empower their children to make their lives better.
• To increase each child/ young person's developmental well-being.



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